IH Dublin


I had some good references, as IH London and Northumbria, were already using Class, also an independent consultant had advised us on the merits of Class and the Infospeed team. A demonstration of Class, in Dublin in autumn 2003 finally saw us place an order. I’ve had excellent feedback from the users, both in terms of the system and support from Infospeed.

Larry Finnegan, Managing Director – IH Dublin


International House had been using their own developed system for some time but it was showing signs of needing redevelopment, but resources were either unavailable or too expensive. Infospeed (with Class) was seen as a prime candidate, not only because of recommendations from other IH users but also good feedback from other schools in Ireland.

User Feedback


“We needed an integrated system and looked at two of the options with Class, either to run it linked to Enterprise Accounts or to use the new Class Ledger. On balance we liked the imaginative way Infospeed had designed a financially balanced ledger with all the controls you would expect from an accounting system, whilst at the same time coping with all the anomalies of a language school. Receipt processing was simple, including a complete range of allocation options. Producing Agent statements in Class is not only easy but readily understood by Agents!”


“We are heavily into Groups and the copy options in this area made entry of Groups simple and easy. We quickly got to grips with Quick reports, enabling us to design our own reports… a real bonus!”


“It’s early days in this area but we can clearly see as data builds that a wealth of statistical data will become available.”


“It works perfectly for us. Class is the only system we have used where Host Family payments were automatically calculated.”

Project Length

“We needed to get Class up and running very quickly as we wanted to start effectively from 1 January 2004. Installation was scheduled two weeks before Christmas! It was a tall order but with input from Infospeed we set out a timetable, for training and implementation.”


Two lots of three days training saw us well on our way to knowing about agents, families, creation of master documents and price lists, followed by enrolments and reporting. Financial aspects and the academic side were covered in the second training session. Implementation went ahead at the start of 2004 as planned.