Free Super User Induction (for Connected Support customers)

Small groups for personalised support

Schools who are on a Connected Support contract are entitled to attend a free 2 day induction designed to improve your overall knowledge and use of Class.

We run these both in the UK and abroad.

Super Users, once trained, will be responsible for making sure that Class is working in the best way possible for your organisation. The idea is that Super Users should be the first port of call for all things Class-related.

Infospeed will ensure that the Super Users are trained, kept up-to-date with all new developments and enhancements, and have a general overview of the capabilities and structures of Class.

Your organisation should contact your Super User first to find solutions and ideas for system and process improvements within your organisation.

Benefits for your school

Autumn training dates

Due to popular demand, our Super User training sessions fill up fast.

Our next training will take place at our office in Poole, England on 7th-8th February 2019, followed by another on 7th-8th March 2019.

Please contact if you’re interested in attending or would like to receive dates for future training sessions.

Some feedback from customers on the Super User Training programme

“The team are so friendly, every single person has a smile on their face and addresses any questions that you may have. This creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere, which is ideal for a training environment. The videos you’re shown during your training are easy to follow tutorials addressing common issues; you are even given a USB-drive to take away that has all these videos on, as well as hints, tips and more useful training materials.” – Joshua – Southbourne School of English

“Very informative course: the presentation was very clear, the materials were good and the hints & tips were useful.” – Georgian – Suzanne Sparrow Language School

“Infospeed are friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the 2-day session and am more confident to use the Class system and ask questions when help is required.” – Gosia – Kaplan

“Gary and Emma were engaging and knowledgeable presenters. Although the session lasted two days, at no time did the time drag. Thank you both for an enjoyable and informative workshop.” – Liam – Alpha College of English

“The Super User session was extremely informative and I am so happy I had the chance to take part in it. There are so many features of Class that we don’t necessarily use to their full capacity, and this session really put things into perspective. It was also great to meet the staff. Everyone is very helpful and supportive!” Cara – Liverpool School of English

“Excellent informative sessions on the capabilities of Class. Useful discussions amongst other users to gain insight into the varied ways the database is used.” – Dobrila – St Clare’s

“The Super User session was incredibly helpful, both for the information provided by Infospeed and the chance to discuss Class in action with other schools. I would highly recommend that schools invest in a Class Super User.”  Katherine – LILA

“The Super User training was invaluable and will definitely help us to save time in future by working smarter and more efficiently with the things we learnt on the course.” Marc – St Giles

“Very good to meet other users of Class and gain a better understanding of how other schools use the system.” – Brian – Bell Cambridge

“I really enjoyed the Super User training and feel better equipped to explore Class and to promote and facilitate more effective usage of its various modules and functions.” – Cali – ELC Brighton

“The Super User training has really opened my eyes to the true flexibility offered by Class. I look forward to being able to share this knowledge with my colleagues and improve even more our processes etc into offering our customers world class service.” – Suzi – CES

“The sessions were well organised and full of useful tips. The presenters were well prepared and the instructional videos consolidated and improved my current knowledge of Class. The staff looked after us well and we felt very welcomed!” – Maria – LTC Eastbourne

“Infospeed’s Super User Induction opened my eyes to Class’s capabilities and I look forward to bringing our company up to speed with all the latest developments.” – Rebekah – MLS