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We are delighted to launch the new Class website.  Months of hard work have seen our website completely revamped.

We have launched the site complete with new logo and a ‘Chat’ option which gives you the opportunity to chat with one of our advisers.   If you are interested in joining the long list of Class customers, feel free to contact us this way.

New potential customers will also be able to Meet the team, find out about Class using our product tour and calculate the price of the package they require.  All from the website.

If you are an existing customer raising a log or querying an existing one, you can contact us here or continue to contact Support in the normal manner – by emailing

For our existing customers, new features include a Knowledgebase which over time will become an invaluable resource for questions on Class.  The Knowledgebase will be constantly added so that it can answer the majority of common questions we are asked. We hope you find it useful.

You can access our Customer Login section by requesting the password from our support team.   Here you can access online Help Sheets, videos, upgrade downloads, Release Notes and access our Support team.

We will regularly be adding short Help Videos.  These can be found on our YouTube Channel which is being launched at the same time.   These videos are intended as visual aids that address precise aspects of Class.   Super Users can also access a new Super User section.

We hope you like the new site.   All comments and feedback welcome.

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