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We have two important things to bring to your attention.

1. Backing up your data
2. The end of Windows XP support

1. Backing up your data

It is extremely important that you back up your Class Data. There are two elements that require backing up:

1. The SQL Database
2. The CFWSQL Folder shared on your server

The Database can be backed up with a SQL Maintenance Plan if you own the full version of SQL. If you are using the express version, we strongly encourage that you download and install SQLBackupAndFTP from as this will allow you to schedule backups.
Restorations can be done via the SQL Management Studio that is available for both the express and full versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Please contact if you wish to speak to one of our Engineers for more information.

2. The end of Windows XP support

To ensure that Class is kept up to date with the newest technologies available, we will be moving over to the new Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework.
Unfortunately, the new Framework will not run on Windows XP… meaning Class won’t either!
If you wish to upgrade to the next quarterly release (due on March 1st 2015), please ensure ALL PC’s are running Microsoft Windows 7 or above.

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