What’s New

The Super User Programme

whats-newThe Super User Programme was launched in 2013 and the idea is simple:

Super Users, once trained, will be responsible for making sure that Class is working in the best way possible for your organisation. The idea is that Super Users should be the first port of call for all things Class and this will work both ways:

Infospeed will ensure that the Super Users are trained, kept up-to-date with all new developments and enhancements and have a general overview of the capabilities and structures of Class.

Your organisation should contact your Super User first to find solutions and ideas for system and process improvements within your organisation.


Emma and Gary to visit the USA (West Coast) and Canada in October 2016 – Training Days Available

Emma and Gary will be visiting West Coast USA and Canada the week beginning 17th October 2016 and are looking to hold a free 2-day Super User training session in San Francisco on the 20th-21st October. If you would like to attend this and/or arrange some training during this visit please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New Version of Class.NET

The latest Version 7.10 of Class.NET is now available to download. Our release notes outline the many new features that have been added to this version.

2016 Feltom Sponsorship

Infospeed is now a Feltom Silver Sponsor. Infospeed are now a proud Silver Sponsor of Feltom, the Malta-based federation which brings together English Language Schools in Malta with the purpose of ensuring the maintenance of standards, and developing cooperation amongst English Language Schools.

Payment Plans

You can now arrange a Payment Plan for your direct students. This new feature has been added to the Core Module of Class. Simply tell Class how many payments you have agreed with the student and over what duration and Class will do the rest. Reporting has also been updated to include Payment Plans.

Class Now Supports Microsoft HD-3000 Life Cam

Microsoft HD3000 Webcam

Do you want to be able to take pictures of your students at your reception desk? Class now formally supports the Microsoft HD-3000 LifeCam, which is available for as little as £14!