Case Studies & Testimonials Letting our customers do the talking

LILA – Simone Amaglio

“Having Class means that we all have access to the same data across the entire school. Student, agent and host family services are all linear and accessible from one central point. It cuts down time in terms of asking people internally and externally for information as all that information (which is a huge amount) is available at the touch of a button.”

Posted on 02/10/19 by Simone Amaglio

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Harrow House – Ben Hodder

“As the Groups Manager/Coordinator, I used to manage 3 documents in different places, sending Excel forms and Word documents to students and agents, and then maintaining a separate spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Since we came on board with Class, my entire process can be done using the Groups and Quick Reports functionality – all of the information I need is one place: names, documentation, itinerary and schedules.”

Posted on 02/10/19 by Ben Hodder

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Liverpool School of English – Anna Goodband

“The reporting side of Class allows me to run all the reports I need for the business: arrivals; host family availability; weekly group reports that help us manage our timetabling; timetabling reports; checking for sessional teachers; English UK Statistics which we also use for ISI; doing a lot of data analysis at the moment as part of hoping to become an Eaquals school; marketing and student numbers throughout the year. We also use the reporting to compare our year-round and summer school strands of our business.”

Posted on 02/10/19 by Anna Goodband

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Liverpool School of English – Saud Algazi

“From a marketing point of view, we can easily see how many students and nationalities we have at any given time in the school. This helps us to plan social events and activities taking into consideration all the different cultures and backgrounds. Notes about student preferences provided by agents is a very handy for this too, as is the dated notes feature: it allows me to message different departments and helps open up communication within the school.”

Posted on 02/10/19 by Saud Algazi

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