Support & Maintenance (Existing Customers pre-2017)

The Support & Training Team – Existing Customers

support-existing(nb. the below is not relevant to Class Cloud and new customers from 2017)

At Infospeed we believe that Customer Support & Training for Class should be second to none. That is why we have a team of fully trained and experienced staff dedicated to assisting our customers.

The support team also has access to our Development and Systems Engineering staff to go further into their investigations whenever necessary. Our team includes staff that have been supporting customers for up to 25 years!

Support Contracts with Infospeed – .NET

Infospeed non subscription customers (who joined pre-2017 Class Cloud) have access to two Support contracts:

  1. Annual Support, Maintenance and Upgrade Contract (ASMU)
  2. Connected Support

The ASMU Contract is paid annually and is mandatory in year one. The vast majority of our customers choose to continue this contract due to the many benefits on offer and to ensure continuity of service/support for your business.

What are the Benefits of the ASMU Contract?

There are many benefits to continuing with your ASMU contract after the first year. These include:

What are the Benefits of Connected Support

In addition to our Annual Support, Maintenance and Upgrade contract we also provide our instant connection support service. With connected support our support team will connect directly to your system using the latest connection software to provide even faster support.

It provides that extra piece of mind that your queries/issues can be dealt with by direct connection to your system, allowing us to see for ourselves the query raised on your data, often speeding response and providing an extra level of help.

Also, in the unlikely event of your Class data needing patching due to an integrity issue (not virus or human error) then connected support supplies the means and the service for connecting to your system and correcting the problem.

Our Commitment / Service Level Agreement

We pride ourselves on providing quick and efficient support. Issues will be acknowledged quickly and we will keep you informed at all stages of the progress of your issue. Should you at any time be unsatisfied with the support you have received, issues can be escalated at any stage to include the involvement of an Infospeed Manager/Director.

The Help Desk aims to meet the following response targets:

To provide appropriate advice and assistance within 2 business hours of an e-mail being received by the Help Desk. Telephone requests will be entered onto our database before passing the information to the appropriate specialist for action.

Support Log Tracking

Infospeed has a comprehensive internal log tracking system, which not only keeps track of the logs and their importance, but also provides a wealth of data in tracking similar or related support issues.

Support Renewals

These are sent out automatically. The ASMU agreement remains in place until cancelled in writing which must be at least four weeks prior to renewal.

What Hours are the Support Team Available to Talk to?

Help Desk hours are (UK times):
Monday to Thursday: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
excluding UK public holidays.

Overseas Customer Support

We understand the importance of supporting all of our customers not just those in our time zone. We regularly organise support and training sessions at hours to support our overseas clients.

If you have any concerns regarding this please ask to speak to one of our overseas customers who will be happy to provide a reference.

What Should I Do to Ask for Support?

Where possible issues should be emailed in to the Support Desk outlining the issue with as much supporting documentation, screen shots etc. as possible.  This will help to speed up the process in understanding the problem.

You can also send Support requests from the My Account area of the website.