Beta Testing

Beta testing is carried out on all of our new modules prior to releasing the module for general sale to our customers. Beta testing takes place when the module described in our specification has been a) developed by our team of Software Engineers and b) extensively tested for system integrity by both the engineers and the head of the design team.

Who Beta tests for Infospeed?

We ask established customers experienced in using Class who are in a position to test the module.

What is BETA testing?

Simply stated we would ask two things of a BETA test site:

  1. to use the module as extensively as you can during the test period (usually 3 months)
  2. to feedback any comments for improvement or on screen issues that you find during use.

How do we collect and use your feedback?

During the 3 months period we will ask you to complete a maximum of 3 feedback forms from users and the department heads. This simply allows us to collate user feedback and improve the product ready for release.

What do I need to do?

Our technical team simply need to upgrade you to the latest version of Class which includes the module. We may also need to upgrade the system again during the beta test to install improvements which have been identified from your feedback.

After that all we ask is that you keep a record of your comments, thoughts and ideas for improvements so that we can collate them in the feedback forms.

What’s in it for you?

Most importantly you can play your part in the final design/features of the module?

Infospeed however also give generous discounts for beta test sights who go on to purchase the module.

If you are interested in beta testing for Infospeed please do not hesitate to contact us.