What is Class Cloud?


Class is a cloud-based, comprehensive school administration and booking system capable of managing all of your business needs.


How Class helps you

Class is a school administration system designed specifically for language and training schools.

Class helps you manage the entire student experience – from the time they enquire through to their departure. The system works via a number of different Modules which gives you the ability to manage various aspects of your business such as:

Bookings and Enrolments




Big Data, Admin and CRM Database Management

For more than 30 years, we have made continuous improvements to our system, driven by our experience working as partners with more than 250 language school clients.

The benefits of Class Cloud

Class Cloud is now available for all customers. This gives you access to Class through the web on our SQL Server database, a hosted multi-tenancy solution. The Class product, database and documents are hosted by us on our cloud infrastructure. This gives you:

Low technical overhead


On-hand support


Moving from your current solution to Class Cloud

Each customer transition will be slightly different in nature depending on if you are building from scratch, transferring from an old system, or migrating from your current cloud-based solutions.

For a visual overview of what to expect as you transition from your old system to Class, see our step-by-step guide to getting started.

Technical requirements for your school’s administrative system

We’ve outlined the technical specifications for you and your IT manager to run through as you get started on Class Cloud.

Need a helping hand?

We have a variety of ongoing training options and we’re here any time to help you.