The Class system is built upon a core foundation module. You can add modules for enhanced functionality and customisation.

Core Module (for everyone)

This foundation module covers all your day-to-day administration. It allows you to:

The most popular add-on modules include:

Accounting Modules


Specifically designed for language schools, you can view statements, run reports (receipt, aged and dated debt reports), and allocate payments against students and agents with ease.

Accounting Export Option

If you have your own accounting system and would like to duplicate the records within Class into it, then this module is for you. Export all of your financial transactions (invoices, credit notes, receipts, host family payments, etc.) in a few clicks.

Price Import

A huge time-saver! When you want to update your prices in Class, simply export current prices into Excel, update them with the new dates and prices (plus add any new items if required) and then re-import them back into Class.

Partner Module: Flywire – Free of charge with the Ledger

Flywire is an international payment and collections service for overseas student fees. When students pay via Flywire, their accounts will automatically be updated in Class, along with invoices, statements and receipts.

Academic Modules

Advanced Academic

This module lets you handle any of these tasks either individually or as a batch process: organise and track your students’ attendance, absence, progress and assessments, produce progress reports and print leaving certificates.


You’ll be able to see which classes are available by day or week and assign teachers to the correct rooms as well as produce corresponding reports and print teacher and student timetables.

Teacher Portal

From directly within the classroom (on a PC or laptop), teachers can access Class to record student attendance, absence and assessments, as well as view basic student details and add notes to student records.

gudied-e-learning-logoPartner Module: Guided E-Learning (GEL)

GEL provides skills-based, interactive, online learning tools that cater for all learning preferences and encourage student autonomy. You can automatically import student information from your Class system into your GEL platform in a few clicks.

Accommodation Modules

Agent Room Allocation

Rooms can be allocated to agents as ‘committed’, ‘on-release’, or ‘free to sell’, and student details are visible under both rooms and agents on a daily basis.

Advanced Accommodation Chart

This module provides at-a-glance details of when rooms are occupied or free, on a weekly basis, for specific or different accommodation types. It enables you to maximise the occupancy of your accommodation.

Efficiency and Big Data Modules

Task Manager

Run various reports, statistics and processes at any scheduled time, or at regular intervals in a continuous unattended run (e.g. during lunch or overnight). Tasks can be automatically scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and Excel outputs can be displayed, saved, printed or emailed.

Class Online Toolkit

Use our customisable, GDPR-friendly forms on your website and when students or agents make online bookings and enquiries, the information will be directly entered into Class. Your school’s availability and prices will be checked against the form, and you can control whether to accept or reject the booking.

The toolkit also includes optional Student, Agent and Home Stay Provider Portals where they can view their personal account in Class and print documents.

Parental Consent Forms

These forms work just like the Online Toolkit but are specifically designed for schools offering programmes to young learners. We can custom-build the forms for parents, guardians or agents. Once created, you can edit the forms or questions any time, and all of the data you collect is automatically fed into Class.

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Important Class .NET Changes

Microsoft SQL Supported Versions
The latest version of Class is now compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2016.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (and 2005 Express) are no longer supported.

Please ensure that you review the latest Release Notes before upgrading.

Upgrading to Class 8.2.0?
An update to the Class Console will be required. Please install the update using ConsoleSetup.msi found within the Upgrade Zip file.

If you do not use this updated Console, you will encounter an error when checking for updates.

Important Notice – Latest release of Class 8.2.0 (NEW!)

When upgrading to Class 8.2.0, a new SMS Account ID will be required.  Please see Release Notes & HS239 for further information.

There has been a major enhancement to the Group Master Document templates. Some of the merge fields have been updated and after the upgrade may result in some important information missing. Therefore, changes will need to be made to the templates.

Detailed information is in the Release Notice which can be downloaded from our website or obtained by emailing We strongly recommend that this is read before the upgrade is carried out.

The Infospeed Team.