Class holds a database of all of your accommodation providers including Host Families, Hotels & Residences.  A wide range of information can be stored and called upon. Each accommodation can be broken down into location, type and number of beds in each room.  Twin, Single, Dormitory Rooms can all be easily managed for their availability.

Key Features:


Families can be flagged as having particular requirements both in terms of types of  students that can be accepted and finances.

General and “Merge” Notes

Fields are available to write summaries regarding each accommodation so that you can e.g. email a document to your student telling them about the family they are staying with.

Students Needing Accommodation

We recognise that you need to know who is unplaced at all times.  Class can give you immediate access to your arrivals lists for any unplaced student to be assigned accommodation.

Accommodation Chart – Weekly (optional)

The Advanced Accommodation Module is available as an option for checking availability from a single on screen view.

A separate Agent Room Allocation module is available for pre-allocating rooms to your agents.