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Class Core is the only compulsory module, anything on top of that will be separately priced. Please see below a brief summary of what each module entails:

Core Module (for everyone) – This compulsory module allows you to add students, agents, accommodations, create price lists, class your students, create a host of documents and run a whole variety of reports. It covers all your day-to-day administration.

Ledger (accounts/admin) – This was designed specifically to match the needs of language schools and all their accounting principles. You can view statements, run reports (receipt, aged and dated debt reports to name just a few), and allocate payments against students and agents with ease.

Accounting Export Option (accounts) – To be used in conjunction with the Ledger, you can duplicate the financial transactions within Class into your OWN accounting system for control purposes. All these accounting transactions (invoices, credit notes, receipts and host family payments) can be exported in an industry standard windows file for re-importing into your accounting system, provided that it has the ability to import a standard Windows CSV file.

Price Import (accounts) – This module simplifies and reduces the time taken to update your prices in Class. You simply output “this year’s” prices to Excel, update them with the new dates and prices (plus add any new items if required) and then re-import them back into Class!

Advanced Academic (DOS/admin) – Your students’ attendance, absence, progress and assessments can all be entered and tracked here (eg. for immigration purposes). You can use the information here to produce progress reports and print leaving certificates, individually or in batches.

Timetabling (DOS) – You’ll be able to see which classes are available in a week and assign teachers to it, as well as place them in the correct available rooms. Teacher and student timetables can be printed and the teacher and room utilisation can be viewed for reporting purposes.

Teacher Portal (teachers) – A separate application to Class, this allows teachers permission-based access to the areas of Class that they usually require. From directly within the classroom (on a PC or laptop), teachers can immediately record student attendance, absence and assessments, as well as view basic student details and add notes against these students.

Agent Room Allocation (admin) – Allows you to reserve or allocate rooms within Class for your agents. Rooms can be allocated to agents as ‘committed’, ‘on-release’ or ‘free sale’, and student details are visible under both rooms and agents on a daily basis.

Advanced Accommodation Chart (Accommodation Officer) – This module provides at-a-glance details of when rooms are occupied or free, on a weekly basis, for specific or different accommodation types. It enables you to maximise the occupancy of your accommodation, which is particularly useful to those schools who provide a large number of accommodation rooms.

Task Manager (admin) – You can run many reports, statistics and processes at any scheduled time, or at regular intervals in a continuous unattended run (eg. during lunch or overnight). On completion, the selection dates can be automatically set forward by the period of the schedule (eg. weekly or monthly), which means that your reports and processes can be run fully and automatically at your chosen pre-set intervals. Excel outputs can then be either displayed or saved, printed or emailed!

Class Online Toolkit (admin) – This module links your school’s web page with Class and enables students and agents to make bookings, update their personal details and even reprint documents online. Host families are also able to view and amend information online, and all of this is permission-based and controlled by yourselves! If a student wants to book a course and accommodation via your website, your school’s availability and prices will be checked, and once the booking has been made online, within Class you will be able to view that ‘prospect’ booking and then decide whether to accept or reject it.

Additional Modules

Our partnership with Flywire means that a link is now in place between the Class and Flywire systems. Flywire is an international payment and collections service for overseas student fees and the interface between Class and Flywire is free. It uses a simple 3-step process:

1. A student books onto a course at your school
2. That student then receives a payment request, registers with Flywire, and makes a payment to Flywire via a local banking system
3. Provided you have the Class Ledger, your school receives the funds from Flywire via a local banking system, supported by a full statement in detail

Please contact Flywire on +44 (20) 32 394 729 / [email protected] for information or a demonstration.

gudied-e-learning-logoGuided E-Learning provides skills-based, interactive, online learning tools that cater for all learning preferences and encourage student autonomy. There now exists a link between Class and Guided E-Learning which enables your Guided E-Learning platform to automatically import student information from your Class system. This avoids the duplicity of work created by manually inputting the same information into both systems.

Please contact Guided E-Learning on 0207 735 2538 / [email protected] for information or a demonstration.

Purchase v License option

With regards to costs, there are 2 options: you can either purchase the product outright, or you can license it on an annual basis. The cost of both depends on how many users you would like & also which modules are of interest to you.

If you license, then at the end of your first year, if you then decide to buy, you will only pay the difference between 1 year’s purchase and 1 year’s annual license, so we will NOT penalise you for not buying in the first year.

There is also a one-off installation fee, the option of having your existing data imported (by this we mean students, agents and host families, as opposed to actual bookings in the system) & we also strongly recommend that you purchase the 10 hours of training which would be in the quote in order to get you up & running successfully.

In the first year, the annual support & maintenance contract is compulsory, which means that you will be eligible for free upgrades when they occur, support from our Support Team, & also refresher sessions that we organise on a monthly basis. After the first year, it is entirely up to you whether you want to keep this support & maintenance contract or not.

Text Messaging Students and Teachers from Class

Text MessageFrom within Class you can text your students and teachers in bulk.

Class comes with 50 free text message to start you off. Additional Text message can be purchased from the Support Team.

For information on the latest Text message rates or details on how to use the Text Message facility in Class please contact our Support Team.