GDPR for Class

Class has joined the dots and created a flexible solution for GDPR

Current Class GDPR Features

Early in 2018, Class introduced the following features to Version 8.2:

Coming Soon in Release 8.3

The work has continued to give far greater GDPR flexibility.

You decide what data to remove or leave in place, allowing you to create suppression lists or completely remove data.  New features will include:

What do I need to do?

Simply upgrade to Class v8.3 due to be released this Autumn. 

If you want us to keep you updated on the GDPR release features in Class in the future, then please join our GDPR mailing list….

Class 8.5.0 is available

Please be aware that all users will be asked to change their password when they login. This is to increase the strength of passwords in preparation for accessing Class Web. Please note passwords are case sensitive.

For a full list of changes contained within Class 8.5.0 go to downloads section

The Infospeed Team.