About Us

Class Systems, created by Infospeed, is a cloud–based, comprehensive administration and booking system for schools, colleges and universities, that manages all business needs.

Class celebrates 30 years of reliability

Since 1989, Class has been the most popular software system used by language schools worldwide.

Our History

Infospeed Ltd was founded over 30 years ago by accountants (Graham Hacker and Carol Davies) who had vast experience in the language school sector. They recognised the need for an all-encompassing language school administration software that also addressed the particular financial needs of the language sector – and so ‘Class’ was born. Since 1989 ‘Class’ has been at the very heart of this sector and we work hand-in-hand with many of the world’s leading language schools with 100s of users and 1000s of students.

No school is too small or too large for ‘Class’, and the cost is fair and reflective of usage: it is calculated according to the number of (admin users, not student/agent) users and which features are required. Learn more about Class modules and features.

In order to keep ahead of the changing demands of the industry and our customers, we have continually improve our offering. Over the years, Class has seen various large “releases” and also the move to a “cloud-based” solution in 2018 (Class Cloud).

2019: The Year of Change

In May 2019, Infospeed was acquired by Embrace Software Inc, a company based out of Canada that specializes in software acquisitions. Embrace brings a wealth of knowledge in accelerated product development, enterprise software processes and streamlined operations to dramatically improve Class’s customer experience.

In Sep 2019, under Embrace’s operating model Infospeed launched their first iteration of Class Web: the next generation Web product that brings the best of both worlds: (a) depth from 30 years of experience and (b) the power of latest technologies.

Class Web is now on a quarterly product development cycle where customers will see new modules and features added every 3 – 4 months.

For 2020, we are building integrations with 3rd party CRM, Enhanced communication engine, Smart & intelligent reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards. In addition, we are also bringing applications (such as Student portal, Applicant portal, Agents portal and more) that will go hand-in-hand with the core Class – Student Information System.

We have achieved all of this with the expertise of a proud and long-standing team of managers, engineers, developers, sales and support staff, all of whom are based in our offices in Dorset (UK), and with active support from the Embrace team from Canada.

When you’ve got Class, you’ve got…

Financial integrity

Stability and scope

Regular new features

A robust, customisable system

Reliable and friendly service

Proven quality

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