Welcome to Class Systems


Students can be found by searching for any one of many criteria such as surname, first name, invoice number etc. and when your memory deserts you, fragment (close matching) searches are also available.

Provisional bookings are shown in red (and can be optionally excluded from any searches) and multiple lines for a student reflect multiple enrolments. Once you find who you are looking for, simply double click on that student and their full details are automatically shown.

Booking Types

Booking Accommodation

Class has a comprehensive Accommodation section allow students to be placed in Host Family, Residential, Hotel and own accommodation ensure you know how to get in touch with the student at any time.

Accommodation Matching

Students can be matched with families against criteria you have created. Using the optional Advanced Accommodation Module, this can be done on single on screen view.


Organise all of your weekly and weekend arrival and departure transfers from with Class. Individual and group reports can be created to ensure everything runs smoothly.


The core module of Class includes comprehensive pricing and invoicing capabilities. With the addition of the optional and very popular Ledger Module Class can handle payments coming in from the Agent /Student enabling you to constantly monitor your students and agents outstanding debt across your organisation.


Class can handle proforma, agent and student invoicing which can be tailored to your requirements.


Any documents sent directly out of Class will automatically be saved with your enrolment to be recalled at any time. Additional documents can be scanned into Class.