Class is equipped to fully manage your academic department and courses. It is possible to place students onto a course and into a corresponding Class. This class can then be timetabled into a room and with a teacher that have availability as a specific time. Timetables can be transferred into futures weeks/terms. All clashes or problems are easily identifiable.

Key Features:

Attendance & Absence Reporting

It is increasingly important to track attendance to meet accreditation requirements and ensure the safety and progress of your students. Class is continually updated to meet the needs of accreditation and immigration departments across the world.

Progress Reporting

Regular testing of students e.g. for weekly listening or written tests can be saved and reported in Class.


A students initial test score can be entered into Class and this result can be used to determine the students level. Students can then be allocated into a class according to your needs. Classes can be change to take into account factors such as nationality mix and total room capacity.

Registers / Class Lists

Class comes with standard classing registers/lists supplied but is capable also of creating tailored lists to your requirements with your own design. These are exported to Crystal Reports but you can also tailor-make your own using Word merge.


Included in the Core Module are classing capabilities to place students into the required class. However the optional Timetabling Module is a powerful timetabling module which can quickly organise your classes, teachers, rooms and daily timetable.

Class allows you to see which classes are available in a week and assign teachers to it, as well as place them in the correct available rooms. Teacher and student timetables can be printed and the teacher and room utilisation can be viewed for reporting purposes.