Class Online Toolkit

Customisable GDPR-friendly forms that integrate seamlessly into Class Systems

You’ve probably got a lot of different forms to capture student information, for example:

You naturally want to customise your forms to suit your brand and to track the effectiveness of various lead sources. The trouble is, with all these forms it can be time consuming to enter the data into your admin system.

Not anymore!

Student booking and enquiry forms

The next time you want to send a student or agent to a form, use our Online Toolkit to build the form and you’ll save an incredible amount of time… and hassle.

Your admin team can verify or edit the booking received via the form on your website before it is confirmed in Class (the booking request is kept in a holding area for your review). In just one or two clicks, the information is automatically captured as either an enquiry or a confirmed booking.

You can create a form with any of the following information and it will be directly entered into Class Systems:

The Online Toolkit can even be customised to include online payment (via our partner Flywire), instant fee calculations and other features. Some of these customisations are subject to additional costs. 

Check out a sample form below!

Advantages of using the Class Online Toolkit

Now that’s classy!

Let’s get started

We’d be happy to advise you in the creation of your new web-ready forms. If your school teaches young learners, we can also create Parental Consent Forms for you. These work much like the Class Online Toolkit and once created, you can edit the forms or questions in Class any time. Plus, the Parental Consent Forms will work on Class.NET, Class Cloud and Class Web (launching later this year).

Contact us to add the Online Toolkit Module to your account or book a free demo to learn more.