Existing Customers

Welcome to Class Systems!

Here you will find the information you require to keep your system working for you and stay updated with all of our recent developments.

Ready for more?

We have a variety of Modules to help you run nearly any aspect of your business on Class Systems. These can be added to your system at any time. Remember that new users can also be temporarily added over the summer to help you during your peak demand season.

Should you wish to expand your system or add more users, we’d be happy to provide you with a quote. You can send us an email or contact us through the Live Chat button.

Training and support

There’s a number of ways to get comfortable navigating your way through Class Systems and making the most of our software:

On-demand online training

We have an extensive video library with tutorials on nearly every function in Class Systems.

Individual support

We also offer one-on-one training to suit clients’ schedules, no matter what time zone you are in.

If you’d like to receive training online or have a demonstration of one of our modules, simply access the Get in Touch tab at the right of your screen (on desktops) or send an email to our support team who will be happy to assist.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our live chat is available wherever possible during UK office hours 9am to 5pm. However, please note that this is for sales enquiries and support issues should emailed to us separately.