Wish List

wish listThe Wish List

Is there a feature or improvement that you would like to see in Class? If so please contact our Support Team and ask for an item to be entered onto our Wish List. We have an ongoing list of customer requests that our development team works through in order to ensure we constantly add new features for our clients.

When are Wish List Items actioned?

We regularly add Wish List items and new functionality to the features of Class. Each new release of Class includes a range of Wish List items which have been prioritised according to customer demand. For example, here’s a few highlights of some of the wishes we’ve granted over the last year:

How do I know when one of my wishes has come true?

To see the latest Wish List items that have been included in the most recent version of Class, download the Release Notes from the Customer Login section of the site.

On the Release Notes you will see items marked with a star – these are the Wish List items. When your Wish List item is included, we will also contact you and let you know that the item has been actioned.