Parental Consent Forms

Custom-designed forms that integrate seamlessly into Class Systems

Is your school offering courses to students under the age of 18? If so, then you know how important it is to capture the right kind of student information prior to their arrival.

This might mean more administrative work for you, but it doesn’t have to!

Class has developed a product which offers you the ability to obtain everything you need in a few clicks. And the data will even be automatically uploaded into the student’s account in Class Systems, so there’s no need for re-entry.

Parental consent forms for students under 18 years old

We will custom-build your consent form with any of the following information and it will be directly entered into Class Systems:

See a sample form below!

How does it work?

  1. Tell us which questions you want to ask the parent, guardian or agent (don’t worry – you can edit these later!).
  2. We’ll create the web-ready form within Class.
  3. You integrate the form into your website.
  4. You send the link to the form on your website to the parent, guardian or agent.
  5. After the form is completed on your website, the data is sent into the Class Web Holding area.
  6. Your admin team can verify or edit the information received via the form before it is confirmed in Class. It is matched to a student when you “accept” it into Class.

Advantages of using the Class Parental Consent Forms for young learners

How can I start using Parental Consent Forms?

We can create Parental Consent Forms for you.  Once created, you can edit the forms or questions in Class any time. They will work on Class.NET, Class Cloud and Class Web (launching later this year).

The Parental Consent Form works in the same way as the Class Online Toolkit and is hosted on the same server. You do not need to have the Toolkit to use the Consent Forms.

Contact us to receive a quote or discuss adding Parental Consent Forms to your account, or book a free demo to learn more.