What’s New?

Class is now on the Cloud

As many of you will know, Infospeed has been working very hard to move Class onto the Cloud. We are now delighted to be welcoming new customers and existing customers onto our new multi-tenancy cloud platform – Class Cloud.

Class Cloud will look and feel exactly like your current version of Class. The SQL Server database also remains the same so the transition from .NET to Class Cloud is seamless. We simply move it onto a cloud platform.

The many benefits of Class Cloud

Class Cloud is now available for all customers. This gives you access to Class through the web on our SQL Server database, a hosted multi-tenancy solution. The Class product, database and documents are hosted by us on our cloud infrastructure. This gives you:

Low technical overhead


Cost efficiency

On-hand support


How do I make the move to Class Cloud?

Most schools can make the full transition from to Class Cloud in 6 to 8 weeks. This can be completed sooner subject to receiving all of the necessary access to test and set up the system.

If you have an existing integration with a CRM, accounting system or any other third party system please discuss this with us. We will happily assist you to integrate with such platforms.

The first step is to contact us to discuss any technical questions with our Engineering and Sales teams:

Following confirmation that you wish to proceed, here’s what you can expect:

Technical requirements for running your school’s administrative system on the cloud

We’ve outlined the technical specifications for you and your IT manager to run through as you get started on Class Cloud.

Need a helping hand?

Most users who are familiar with won’t need training on Class Cloud since the front-end experience is the same. However, if you would like to receive some guidance, we can send you a brief overview of how Class Cloud works.

You can also access the Customer login area of the site for a wealth of training videos and documents.

We are also here any time to help you.