Technical Requirements

Class Cloud

Class is the perfect administration or management software package whether you are a small independent language school or a large international group.  Class is now available on a fully multi-tenancy server platform based on the cloud.

You therefore need to have access to the internet with a good connection (see our White Paper on this).

In order to access the cloud, your users will need the following minimum PC specification:

Microsoft Windows

Access to Remote Desktop 8.0 or above
Internet Explorer 10 or above

Mac OSX / iOS

Access to the AppStore
Ability to install Microsoft Remote Desktop

Class Online Toolkit (COT) module

For existing customers this online bookings module uses a .net dll to allow communications between your website and the Class database. The .net dll needs to be situated on a server (within the local network running Class) that has direct access to the internet; typically this would be on a web server or an exchange server, where the server security protocols can be configured to protect access.  For Class Cloud customers the COT booking templates will simply be placed on our Cloud Infrastucture and we will work with you to integrate these onto your website.