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“As a school, we now operate much more efficiently: we can easily email out of Class, send text messages in bulk and debt chasing is now on one central system”

Arthur Reader Director of Administration Kings Group, Bournemouth


Why Class?

Back in February 1989, we chose Class due to their excellent global reputation within the language school industry, and we haven’t looked back since! We had started out with each of our three schools running a separate Class system, but a few years ago, when we decided to introduce the Class Ledger, we also took the opportunity to merge all the schools into one central Class system, which Infospeed carried out for us.

“We have found that Class has consistenly moved with the times – taking into consideration new technologies, and the needs of language schools”


The process of implementing Class ran smoothly, thanks to a dedicated team of technicians and engineers at Infospeed. We were particularly impressed with the high level of training provided, and the support team have consistently gone out of their way to help us whenever required. We were involved with the testing of the 4th generation of Class, Class.NET, and because we have been customers since the very 1st generation of Class, we have seen how the changes made over the years by Infospeed reflect our wants and needs as a language school. We have now opened two schools in the USA, and with another one due to open in the near future, we feel completely confident that Class will continue to support us during this busy period.

“As our student numbers have grown, there has been no need to dramatically increase our administration staffing levels”


Kings Colleges Case Study ThumbnailHow has Class improved the administration of the school?

As a school, we now operate much more efficiently: we can easily email out of Class, and also send text messages in bulk. Using Class in one central location has also helped us to consolidate our statistics reporting for ALL the schools-for agents, countries and courses. Likewise, debt chasing is now on one central system, but with the flexibility of Class, we can still work as individual schools.

We like the way that Class has a financially balanced ledger in place, with all the controls you would expect from an accounting system, whilst at the same time coping with all the anomalies of a language school. Receipt processing is simple, and includes a complete range of allocation options; and Quick Reports also enables us to design our own reports. Class keeps giving us more each time it is updated, which is fantastic!.


What we think of Class

Class has given us increased flexibility, and streamlined our workload immensely. We benefit from regular free online refresher sessions via Webex, and we also use Class Web, which allows our students and agents to make enquiries and bookings via our website. Overall, we are very happy with the beginning to end process of the installation, training and ongoing support we have received..