Technical Requirements


Class is the perfect administration or management software package whether you are a small independent language school or a large international group. Naturally your technical requirements will differ slightly depending on how many users and how many sites you have.

Typically, however, our current version Class.NET, would operate best on a dedicated server (Windows 2008 or above) with workstations operating on Windows 7, XP or Vista.

For multi-site schools, Class.NET can be accessed remotely through terminal services, Citrix or other remote desktop software.

Class Online Toolkit (COT) module

This online bookings module uses a .net dll to allow communications between your website and the Class database. The .net dll needs to be situated on a server (within the local network running Class) that has direct access to the internet; typically this would be on a web server or an exchange server, where the server security protocols can be configured to protect access.

Technical Notes Screenshot