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How do I add school closure dates?

…If a course start date falls on a national holiday/school closure, dates can be added to display a warning message to stop the user from selecting this date for the start of a course. There is a helpsheet (no.HS085) which covers this. Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet – HS085 Maintenance_Settings – Warning Dates (National Holidays).docx or please watch the video below demonstrating this process….

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What is trust accounting?

…ees are deposited with a Trust they are protected. Then as they complete their studies/accommodation etc. the fees are gradually released to the school. In the unlikely event that the school is unable to provide the booked tuition/accommodation etc. (due to closure, insolvency or course cancellation) the Trust will have the funds available to either refund the student or pay for tuition etc. at another school. Within Class there is a Trust Account…

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