Class can be purchased outright or annually licenced. New customers can also annually licence in year one and have the cost of the first years licence deducted should you wish to proceed with an outright purchase at the start of year two (see Special Offers for more details)

We offer both purchase and licence models to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. As a basic guide however you would be better off purchasing after 3 to 4 years of Annually Licencing.

For more details on the decisions you need to make before purchasing Class visit our How To Purchase Class page or Contact Us.

Annual Licence

Annually licencing Class you will pay a single payment for access to Class for 12 months.  At the end of each year Class will ask for a renewal code.  You will need to purchase the Annual Support, Maintenance and Upgrade (ASMU) contract in year one.  After that it’s optional.

  • Suits schools looking to keep costs down
  • Spread the cost of Class while still receiving updates and support
  • Flexible payment model for new schools
  • Purchase in year 2 and we will deduct the cost of Annual Licencing in Year One
from £1,019

For an accurate quote against your requirements, decide which modules you require and the number of concurrent users.  Then contact us to discuss your quote and/or access our price calculator.

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When purchasing Class outright, you will pay a single purchase price plus your first years Annual Support, Maintenance and Upgrade Contract (ASMU) which is required in year one but optional thereafter.  After that you will simply pay for the ASMU contract on an annual basis should you choose this option.

  • One single upfront payment to own Class
  • Add Users and Modules as required
  • Users can be added and charged pro-rata for summer only
  • Only pay for your ASMU contract in future years