Is there away to amend student records within a group?

Within Class you have the Group Batch Processes, which allows you to apply an update to all records within a group.

Group Batch updating can be used to update student records in many circumstances, including the following examples:

  • A Group is arriving/departing on different dates than first booked.
  • Students are to study on a different course than the one originally booked.
  • The course price item has been incorrectly input.
  • Accommodation is to be upgraded.
  • Transfer details once known can be updated.
  • Arrival Status and Bookings Status can be updated.
  • Classes can be changed.
  • Packages can be amended.

There is a helpsheet (no.SQL026) which covers this.  Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet – Group Batch Updates.doc

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