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Is there a way to temporarily book an accommodation?

Within Class you have the Accommodation Room Temporary Reservation option. This function gives the option to reserve an accommodation room. A room can be put on hold for a short period of time in order for the student/agent to confirm their booking dates. There is a helpsheet (no.HS165) which covers this. Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet – HS165 Accommodation – Temporary Room reservation.docx or please watch the vi…

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What are promotions within Class?

…an additional incentive for selected agents and products, typically for a temporary period of time. The promotion value which appears as a separate line on the invoice is potentially extra to an Agents’ existing discount/commission. It appears separately in statistics (as a price item) and each promotion can be charged to a different accounting code. Note: Group bookings are excluded from promotions The Promotion can be applied to both “Net and “…

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