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Ho do a produce a list of groups?

…To produce a list of all groups present in the school you would use a group quick report. There is a helpsheet (no.HS097) which covers this. Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet –HS097 Quick Reports – List of Groups.docx or please watch the video below demonstrating this process.  …

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… Group Batch Updates.doc Groups – Adding.doc HS056 Groups – Host Family Confirmation Letters.docx Canx Group & charge Canx Fee.doc Group Labels.doc HS097 Quick Reports – List of Groups.docx Students within a Group.doc Group Profile Document.doc Group Date Wizard.doc Group Import.doc…

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…ments.doc List of Host Families used in specific date range.doc HS097 Quick Reports – List of Groups.docx List of Agents that have sent students in certain period.doc Transfer Report No Accomm.doc Transfer Report + Accom.doc List of Bookings for Host Family.doc HS153 Reporting – Accommodation Booking Report.docx HS – Payment for Transfers.doc Visa Expiry Report.doc SQL179…

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