How do I post a cash receipt to the Class Ledger?

To post money to the Class Ledger you can either

Selecting Accounting/Ledger > Ledger, which will take you to the ledger and to the Account Browse screen where you will search for the required agent/student account.


Within the student’s enrolment, go to the Invoicing screen and select the ‘Agent Account’ or ‘Student Account’ button.  This will take you directly to the account for this enrolment.

The receipts screen shows any unallocated cash (top section), and any allocations of that receipt (bottom section).

From this screen unallocated receipts can be further allocated. Other actions may also take place e.g. reverse a receipt transaction.

There is a helpsheet (no.LED006) which covers this.  Please contact [email protected] for this or you can find it in the “Customer Login” area of the website.

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