How do I set up different discount and commission options for agent?

In the UK agents generally receive a discount or commission off the gross price of the tuition they book.  Sundry items are occasionally discounted, for example the registration/booking fee.

There are three different price types for setting agent discounts & Commissions. These are set up directly within the agents record in Class.



This is the ‘default’ discount given to an agent for all course bookings.
For example an agent could receive 20% off the gross selling price for all tuition.



This provides a method of grouping price items together.

For example a price group called ‘General English’ could consist of GE15, GE20 and GE25 lessons in order to apply a special rate of discount/commission.



This provides a method of giving an additional discount/commission to a specific price item, i.e. one tuition item.

For example an agent general discount is 20%, but you wish to give a bigger discount for a specific course.


There is a helpsheet (no.HS095) which covers this.  Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet – HS095 Agent – Pricing – Discounts & Commissions.docx or please watch the video below demonstrating this process.

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