How do I set up different discount and commission options for agent?

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In the UK agents generally receive a discount or commission off the gross price of the tuition they book.  Sundry items are occasionally discounted, for example the registration/booking fee.

There are three different price types for setting agent discounts & Commissions. These are set up directly within the agents record in Class.



This is the ‘default’ discount given to an agent for all course bookings.
For example an agent could receive 20% off the gross selling price for all tuition.



This provides a method …

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I need to produce a list of agents to email a mailshot?

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Within Class you would need to create an ‘Agent’ type document, inserting all text and required merged fields that you wish to include on the mailshot.

Then within an ‘Agent’ type quick report, add the fields and criteria to the report including the agent email address a (so that you can see agents that you might not have email address for).

Then select on ‘Search’ to display all the Agents that match the selected criteria.

You will then have the option to select ‘Send Document’, search …

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