Class Web Starter Pack

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Just 4 months after the acquisition of Infospeed by Embrace, we are delighted to say that Class is launching Class Web Starter Pack.

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Class Systems: 30 Years, 30 Tips!

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30 tips using class systems

2019 marks the 30-year anniversary for Class! Look out for special announcements throughout the year.

Over the months and years, we’ve shared loads of little tips to help our 2,500+ customers use Class more effectively.

Today, to kick off the celebrations of our 30-year anniversary, we’ve gathered up our 30 top tips to share some neat little tricks you may not have known about that make Class so special.

See all 30 tips below and contact us if you have any questions …

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Class is now on the Cloud!

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We have some fantastic news that most of our customers will be thrilled to hear… the existing Class.NET platform is now available on ‘the Cloud’ – Class Cloud!
You now have the option to upgrade from your current server-based Class.NET to Class Cloud and the benefits are plentiful!

What are the benefits of Class Cloud?

the existing Class.NET front-end that you’re accustomed to seeing/using can now be hosted by Infospeed
your IT costs are vastly reduced:

there is NO need for (the purchase, maintenance and replacement of) an in-house …

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Class.NET Version 8 is now available for downloading!

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Class.NET Version 8 is now available for downloading from our website!

Just a few of the many enhancements include:

Class compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2016
the ability to configure Class to email through TLS/SSL SMTP protocols eg. Microsoft 365
the ability to report on accommodation payments made to host families
further enhancements to accommodation, groups and the Teacher Portal module

A short video is available to explain the new features and enhancements (password available from [email protected])

If you have any questions about …

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Class Sense – New Infospeed Module!

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Dear Customer,

Class Sense is our new web-based Business Intelligence module which provides state of the art statistical analysis at the touch of a button!

Infospeed have partnered with a very powerful BI engine tool from a company called SiSense, and the resulting tool (‘Class Sense’) is capable of crunching millions of rows of Class data in order to present them to you in a manner of different ways. These include dashboards, widgets, charts and tables of your data, all on a …

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Class.NET is now Windows 10 compatible!

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This has been a major enhancement to Class but is one that a lot of our users have been waiting for!
Due to the amount of work involved the number of additional features included in this release has been reduced and because of this there will not be a presentation of the release over the internet.  All the details are available from the release document which is available from the customer login section of our web site and, of course, if …

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7.9 Release to be a “WINDOWS 10” release!

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Just a note to all those who are awaiting the release of items in our 7.9 release due out on March 1st 2016.

Due to the aggressive roll-out of Windows 10 by Microsoft we have had to prioritise certain changes and product enhancements to Class.NET to ensure that Version 7.9 is Windows 10-supported.

Our intention is to create an interim release shortly after this to add all of the requested functions.  Dates for this are yet to be confirmed.

If you have any …

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Important Update – upcoming 7.7 release of Class.NET (technical information)

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The upcoming 7.7 release of Class.NET will only be available as a .NET Framework 4.5 build.
This means that it will not be suitable for any user still using old MS operating systems (such as Windows XP / Windows 2000).

Any customer still running old MS operating systems as identified above will not be able to upgrade Class.NET past version 7.6 – if in doubt, please contact [email protected] for advice.

Customers must have .NET framework 4.5 installed on their network/desktop prior to upgrading …

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Important Update – Microsoft SQL 2012 Increment Jumping ‘Feature’

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Microsoft SQL 2012 Increment Jumping ‘Feature’
There are some columns within the Class.NET database that rely on auto-numbers being generated by the database server where new records are created eg. Student ID.
As expected the increment for these ID’s are usually one value at a time. Should your Microsoft SQL 2012 server be shut down/rebooted unexpectedly, the sequence is likely to increase once the service has been restarted. Typically this will show ID numbers climbing by 1000 when this occurs. (For example …

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