Important Update – Microsoft SQL 2012 Increment Jumping ‘Feature’

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Microsoft SQL 2012 Increment Jumping ‘Feature’
There are some columns within the Class.NET database that rely on auto-numbers being generated by the database server where new records are created eg. Student ID.
As expected the increment for these ID’s are usually one value at a time. Should your Microsoft SQL 2012 server be shut down/rebooted unexpectedly, the sequence is likely to increase once the service has been restarted. Typically this will show ID numbers climbing by 1000 when this occurs. (For example a crash at Student ID 2013 will resume at Student ID 3013 once the service has been restarted).

Is it really a bug, is it safe?
Microsoft declared that it is a feature rather than a bug and in many scenarios it would be helpful. Class.NET will operate perfectly fine with the ID increment change, the only impact is that of a noticeable ID increase on your newly created record. No corruption or data-loss would be incurred as a result of ID increase (although there is a possibility that data loss could have occurred due to service outage itself).

I don’t like this new feature, can it be removed?
Microsoft knowledgebase articles suggest that registering the T272 SWL Server Start-Up Parameter my disable this feature, however this has not been fully tested within Class.NET and documentation is lacking from Microsoft in regards to this flag. It is possible that they may discontinue this option in the future.
For more information on how to disable this flag, please email [email protected].

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