Class is now on the Cloud!

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We have some fantastic news that most of our customers will be thrilled to hear… the existing Class.NET platform is now available on ‘the Cloud’ – Class Cloud!
You now have the option to upgrade from your current server-based Class.NET to Class Cloud and the benefits are plentiful!

What are the benefits of Class Cloud?

  • the existing Class.NET front-end that you’re accustomed to seeing/using can now be hosted by Infospeed
  • your IT costs are vastly reduced:
    • there is NO need for (the purchase, maintenance and replacement of) an in-house server for Class
    • there is NO need for separate software and hardware packages
    • we perform a 3-tier back-up of Class on your behalf
  • you will be Class Web-ready, meaning you will have access to Class Web when iterative releases commence in the near future
  • it is available on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone and Android
  • speedier access to support your database should you require assistance
  • easier 3rd party module integration (for example with Flywire and Guided E-Learning), Class Online Toolkit

Do I have to upgrade to Class Cloud immediately?

Should you wish to continue with your current server-based contract (whereby YOU are hosting Class yourselves), that is absolutely fine. However please bear in mind that when Class Web’s iterative releases commence in the near future, you will need to be on ‘Class Cloud’ as you will NOT be able to use Class Web without it. Having said this, you have plenty of time to weigh up your options and you can either upgrade now, next year, or even the year after – whenever suits you!

Is there a cost?

There is an annual charge for hosting as the costs and responsibility of purchasing servers/associated software and IT support for your Class server (backups and antivirus etc) now rests with us. You save these costs elsewhere and in many cases, are better off without the technical headaches associated with maintaining a software solution of this size. The ASMU (Annual Support, Maintenance and Upgrades) fee also remains.

Has this solution been trialed and tested?

Yes, we have been working in the background for many months to ensure the success of Class Cloud and already have happy customers using the solution. Our Support Team use Class Cloud internally too.

What do I do now?

If you’d like a quote to get an idea of prices and discuss the transition, please email us.

Kind regards,
The Infospeed Team

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