Class Sense – New Infospeed Module!

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Dear Customer,

Class Sense is our new web-based Business Intelligence module which provides state of the art statistical analysis at the touch of a button!

Infospeed have partnered with a very powerful BI engine tool from a company called SiSense, and the resulting tool (‘Class Sense’) is capable of crunching millions of rows of Class data in order to present them to you in a manner of different ways. These include dashboards, widgets, charts and tables of your data, all on a web-based platform which you can interact with quickly in order to view this data.
Class Sense also gives you the ability to drill into reports and look at the general overview and deeper details – all from the same dashboard!
For example, you can drill into your territories to reveal your country breakdowns and then further drill into those in order to get your agent-by-agent breakdown in chart format. You can then select an agent and the entire dashboard will respond to tell you that agent’s annual performance comparisons, which you can then further filter as required.

There is an online demo available on our website, so please feel free to have a play with that and let us know your thoughts – any feedback is appreciated!

For further information, please contact [email protected].

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