Important Update – upcoming 7.7 release of Class.NET (technical information)

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The upcoming 7.7 release of Class.NET will only be available as a .NET Framework 4.5 build.
This means that it will not be suitable for any user still using old MS operating systems (such as Windows XP / Windows 2000).

Any customer still running old MS operating systems as identified above will not be able to upgrade Class.NET past version 7.6 – if in doubt, please contact [email protected] for advice.

Customers must have .NET framework 4.5 installed on their network/desktop prior to upgrading to Class.NET version 7.7.
Customer requirements will be dependent on their individual network configuration/local installation – if in doubt, please check with your IT.

Installation download (and additional information on .NET Framework 4.5) can be found on the MS website:

.NET Framework 4.5 also has specific minimal hardware requirements – information and specifications for compatible machines/operating systems are also included on this link.

The installation of .NET Framework 4.5 may take a short time, dependent on each customer’s existing set-up, but is essential prior to any attempt to upgrade to Class.NET v7.7.

Customer are advised, as always, to ensure that they have a full back-up of their database prior to this upgrade.

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