How do I book a student into an accommodation?

Once you have select on the Accommodation line within the student enrolment.

You will notice that the:

The top part of the screen is “Accommodation FINANCE” and is used in the calculation of the invoice value.

The bottom half is the “Accommodation BOOKING,” reflecting the Accommodation booking part of the process e.g. host family.

The booking line indicates that there is accommodation to be booked – “Awaiting Booking”

The accommodation officer may already know the family to book and will in this case press “Select” to allocate the family. If not, the system can be used to help find an available family by using the “Match” option. Available families are listed.

There is a helpsheet (no.SQL191) which covers this.  Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet – Booking Matching Accommodation.doc

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