I need to be able to get a report out showing for each family what beds they have occupied/vacant?

Within Class you have the Daily Booking Charts which gives you a list of families showing each room with the number of beds in use and available day by day for a given period.

This can be achieved by going into Accommodation>Booking Chart – Daily

You also have another option which is the Advanced Booking Chart (this is an additional module, so if it is greyed out you would need to purchase it) this displays all families on a daily/weekly basis giving further details and allows you to make room changes directly from the chart

There is a couple of helpsheets (no.HS028 & no.SQL106) which covers this.  Please click on the following links to view or download helpsheets – HS028 Accommodation – Daily Booking Chart.doc  or SQL106.net Advanced Accommodation Chart.doc

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