We need to pay our host families for transfers, how do we do this?

Families that pick up students from the airport and it is required to include their payment for this in the Host Family Payment run.

You would need to in Summary:

  1. Prices – Create Accommodation Payment Price Item “Payment for Airport Arrival Transfer” (Create 2 items if departures are required)
  2. Price – Set week rate = 0, and day 1 rate = value e.g. £50
  3. Host Accommodation – add a Room = Transfer, (type = transfer), Capacity = 9 (to allow for several students being picked up!)
  4. Add the new Transfer Price Item to the accommodation bookings screen.
  5. Note: Transfer will appear on Accommodations Booking Report – match to family
  6. Host Accommodation Payment run – Family will be paid for this item

For more detailed help there is a helpsheet (SQL158) which covers this.  Please click on the following link to view or download helpsheet – SQL158.net HS – Payment for Transfers.doc


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