Server Health-Check

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Would you like the peace of mind of a one-off or quarterly server health-check, carried out by our expert engineers?

We have been listening to customer feedback during our Super User training sessions and interest has been expressed in an additional IT infrastructure check from a strictly “Class” perspective. To put it simply, our engineers will check that your server is running Class well, is up-to-date and protected.We have trialed this with a few customers and the service has been well received.

We are  pleased to offer all customers on an ASMU contract either:

1 x server health-check for the price of £250 (+ VAT if applicable)

or alternatively

4 x scheduled server health-checks a year at a discounted price of £750 (+ VAT if applicable) per year

If you choose the package of checks, we’ll book them in for you at 3-month intervals – peace of mind throughout the year!

So what does this server health-check entail exactly?

Essentially, our engineers will take a look at your server and perform various checks.
They’ll then write a detailed report that contains their findings, including any action points and recommendations. Based on this report, you are then free to tell us whether you want us to action any of these points. Some may be chargeable of course, but we will let you know if that is the case prior to you making any decisions.

For more detailed information please contact [email protected] and we’ll provide you with a document that explains more.
If you then wish to proceed, please let us know whether you’d like a single health check, or 4 for the price of 3, and they will book that in for you at our Engineering team’s earliest convenience. An invoice will be sent out to you shortly thereafter.

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